Fee & Policy

Enjoy Complete Piece Of Mind With AAK Law

Personalised Plans

Our primary focus is on corporate, real estate, and commercial issues. We offer a broad range of services for businesses of all sizes as well as entrepreneurs, and take pride in providing high quality legal advice, accurate and thorough representation, and committed client service. We understand that each case may have multiple variables and hence we provide personalized plans to our clients to address each case at its merit.

Competitive Pricing

At AAK LAW we understand that price and value will increasingly be major deciding factors for closing deals and maintaining and attracting clients. We strike the right balance in our pricing for clients. By this we mean, we deliver the best in class service and a fee that is competitive. Consistently generating real value for our clients.


Successful law firms like AAK LAW are not just good at providing legal services to their clients, they are also experts at maintaining transparency about their price and fee structures for their clients. This policy of transparency helped us build a long term trust and elevated our reputation as a trusted law partner to all our clients.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that our clients have the right to evaluate our competence as we represent them, and ensure that we meet (and exceed) their expectations. And if for some reason you are not satisfied, our satisfaction guarantee eliminates your risk, If you aren’t totally satisfied with the way we are handling your case, you can walk away any time within the first 30 days of our relationship, we will only bill you for Government charges and external costs.

Real Estate Consultation

During your initial call to the firm, our standard procedure is a short screening process to avoid any potential conflicts. Once this is complete, you will be transferred to an available attorney. There is no charge for this initial conversation over the phone, to determine if we are able to assist in your matter. After being assigned to an attorney, you can schedule a formal consultation to present any detailed questions you may have. We generally do not offer free consultations, with the exception of a few practice areas. After carefully examining and scoping your case, the attorney will send you an estimate of consultation charges and will proceed with your approval.

Call us or book an appointment, for any questions you may have regarding your Real Estate deal.

General Consultation

We are passionate about helping our clients resolve their legal issues, we create a personalized and strategic course of action for each case. Here is what you can expect during your FREE consultation: One of our family law lawyers will meet with you, review your case and discuss your options. We will address any urgent concerns or matters such as support or custody. We will develop a preliminary plan of action, discuss costs and create a budget that works for you.

Call us or book an appointment. Our consultation appointments are confidential, no obligation and free of charge.

Family Law Consultation

For a simple ‘uncontested’ divorce. We charge a nominal fixed fee of $1500, that covers the costs of serving the divorce documents to the other side, paying all of the court filing fees, paying for the clearance certificate from the government, paying the costs we are charged for the court forms and some service fee for the the work and getting it all together. We can cover it within the fee until there is nothing to fight about, and no variables and till everything is straightforward and predictable. For cases where you require litigation to resolve your matter, AAK LAW will provide a custom quote.

Call us or book an appointment, to ensure that you have an effective advocate in bringing your family law matter to a positive resolution.


Make sure you know the name and contact information of the attorney you’re meeting with, along with the time and place of your appointment.


Bring any relevant court documents (summons, subpoenas, transcripts, orders, etc.) pertaining to your case or action.


Bring any other relevant documentation (records, filings, evidence, etc.) that might have a bearing on your legal matter.


Think about what you want to have happen with respect to your legal matter. We’ll be better able to help you if you know the outcomes you desire.


Prepare to be honest. Everything you say will be treated with utmost confidentiality, so you can feel comfortable talking freely with us.


Review the facts. We may ask you some tough questions, but it’s to your benefit to share all relevant aspects of your issue with us.


Consider any questions you may have. We’ll do our best to answer them candidly and with as much detail as you need.


Show up on time and be prepared to take notes. Remember, these initial discussion tend to take long. Let us know ahead of time if you need to reschedule.