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At AAK LAW we have got you covered with top notch legal services that can fit just about any budget. We will work with you to make our quality legal services affordable. Remember, nothing is more expensive than ineffective legal representation!

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AAK LAW includes attorneys with vast experience representing corporations of all sizes, which gives us valuable insight into the complex interests in real estate transactions. As a result, our clients receive a superior calibre of service that extends beyond technical legal advice to provide innovative business solutions to the unique challenges posed by each parcel of real estate and its operations. AAK LAW has one of the leading real estate practices located in Ontario, Canada. We can handle any matter anywhere in Canada. We use an interdisciplinary approach to provide clients with seamless representation from the initial planning of a project to its completion, creatively solving any problems that might arise along the way.

Our broad experience allows us to provide great service to corporations, lenders, borrowers, special loan services, government entities, developers, landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers in transactions of all sizes. From high-rise office buildings, plazas, hotels and complex mixed-use projects to major professional sports stadiums to single-family residential subdivisions, our attorneys can tackle the toughest projects.

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Our clients do amazing things. Wherever their passions lie, our mission is to support and protect their hard work with exceptional legal work. To us, representation means diligent preparation, innovation, and efficiency. Winning is always the goal — but we stand out by defining victory holistically, with our clients’ lives and livelihoods in mind.
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